The Design Process

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We undertake site measurements and levels of the existing structures to prepare as-built plans.

1. Planning / Developed Design Phase

Our designers work closely with our clients to develop a building which suits their specific needs and has Architectural appeal tempered with practicality and ease of construction.

2. Building Consent Phase

The Building Consent Stage involves taking the approved design and completing both the Architectural and Engineering design in-house which is then combined into the drawings and documentation suitable for applying for a Building Consent. Where necessary, our office undertakes soils and soakage reports and civil design of drainage works for sewer and stormwater.

3. Quality Assurance Programme

As part of the mandatory documentation for Building Consent for leaky buildings, a Quality Assurance Programme must be completed specific to the project. Our office completes a comprehensive Quality Assurance Programme which will be completed on site after each stage of the timber replacement / reclad process by the Contractor, Consultant and Council Inspector.

4. Tendering Phase

As part of our offer of services, we manage the tender process with nominated or selected contractors, after vetting of the tenders received, we can recommend a suitably qualified contractor to undertake the works. We prepare Contract documents for the owner and the contractor to sign using New Zealand Standards as a basis.

5. Construction Phase

Our practice offers a full service during the construction phase where required. We can manage the financial aspects of the project including the issue of Progress Payment Claims, Practical Completion Certificates and Defects Liability Certificates.

During the construction process, our office can also provide services as the Consultant for the purposes of the Quality Assurance aspect of the project.