Commercial Services

Burrett and Associates Ltd provide a range of Engineering and Architectural services required by clients working in the commercial/ Industrial sector.

Our team is experienced in many types of construction - timber, steel, reinforced concrete and other materials.

Our office can provide detailed Engineering design required for new and existing  properties such as office buildings, warehousing and factories and more.

In addition, our engineers provide general and specific engineering design work for foundations, temporary works, slabs for printing presses and other mechanical equipment and  product storage systems.


  •  New Buildings
  •  Engineering Design
  •  Foundations
  •  Soakage Reports
  •  Overland Flow/ Flood Reports
  •  Geotechnical Investigations
  • Onsite soakage design and associated testing
  •  Alterations & Additions
  • Mechanical / Crane Design
  • Silo and Storage Tank frames
  • Balustrade systems