Structural Inspections

Buy with confidence!

Are you planning on buying or selling property? Whether it is Residential, commercial or industrial, we can help.  Property choices are costly, and getting the correct information from a specialist can save you the hassle, time and money.

A structural inspection can help assist both buyers and sellers of residential and commercial property, determine the whole condition of the property at present and can also give an indication of costs to remedy any issues found.

When determining the condition of a property, there are a number of areas to consider, foundations, roofs, interior, exterior,  workmanship and much more. 

A structrual inspection can help you:

• Be satisfied with the soundness of your purchase
• Identify visually available evidence of issues
• Identity any problems which may become apparent after purchase
• Confirm your initial impressions- good or bad
• As a negotiating tool- where defects are found.

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